Hello we are using spark for internal massages and some time it is give error

we are using spark as internal massages but some how we are facing some issues in send and received massage’s i have share one screenshot please check and give the solution how to resolved it and why it is haqppening?

Hello, kindly provide suggestions on how to resolve the issue.

Hello, are there any suggestions? regarding our issue?

To find the root cause of this issue based just on the info on hands is a long long shot. but some settings might help, do you guys use the monitoring plugin there?
also maybe try setting the property: route.really-all-resources to true.
these are the only things that can come to mind. give it a shot, maybe it helps.

I don’t know if there is a monitoring plugin used or not. Please give me a way to check that and how to set the properties of the route.really-all-resources?

I see that you guys are using Spark as your client. the monitoring plugin and the property setting are not located in the client(Spark) they are located in the server(Openfire).
do you have access to your Openfire admin console? if yes then you can check the tab “Plugins” and see if you guys are using the monitoring plugin.
and in 'Server>Server Manager>System properties you create a Property name as: route.really-all-resources and set its value to true.


Spark doesn’t support MAM, therefore it will not be able to fetch messages which you were not online to receive. I am unsure if it supports the offline store.

Is the client open when you do not receive messages?

Do you have connectivity when you do not receive messages? (are you connected to the server)

Hope this helps.

Hello zoidberg
we are using a monitoring services plugin, and I have also added a route.really-all-resources as per your suggestion and sets its value true. Please suggest how I can check the logs now.

Still losing messages?
if so you guys can try to narrow it down to detect precisely when this happens. for example when you send the message is the person on the otherside online or offline?(you can also check this via admin panel to see what the server say about that). which version of Openfire are you guys using it?
and to check the logs you have multiple choices normally the most convenient one if you want to catch the thing at the same time the problem happens you can probably just look at the logs via Admin panel too. IIRC it is ‘Server>Logs’ set it for like 500 lines, and update it right after the issue have happened. you can also enable “Trace”(dont forget to turn off afterwards) to get a little bit of more info.

Hello ziodberg,
Thanks for your prompt response. and right now we are not facing the issue but I need to know if we face the issue at that time How can I check the logs? that’s why I’m asking you.

Openfire save the logs in certain directories that varies from the system it is installed on.
for example in some environments its found by default here : /var/log/openfire
But this will vary depending on the OS.
If the problem persists it is also good to know which version of Openfire and Spark you guys are using.
since 1 there is no bug fixes for older versions, and 2 when bug hunting it is better to gather the most details possible, also good to know how to replicate the issue.

I am a little confused following the thread what the issue is here?

I will try to reclarify my point earlier.

If you are not receiving messages when you are not connected to the XMPP server, or you have just opened the client after a while, Openfire supports MAM through the monitoring plugin but Spark does not, you will not receive message history from the server using Spark.

If you want the ability to fetch MAM, consider trying a different XMPP client such as gajim or dino.

However I am a little confused, because the original issue doesn’t seem to mention offline messages, or fetching message history, it seems to be the fact that a message was lost, this could have simply been because you briefly lost network connectivity, or a bug within Openfire, either way you would need to provide the Openfire logs during the time period of the messages.

I have no clue why the monitoring plugin is being mentioned, because Spark doesn’t support MAM, unless I have been lied to :stuck_out_tongue: