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HELP! Admin Account Deleted

I just took over control of the admin for Spark and mistakenly deleted the admin user account from the Wildfire admin console. Any advice on how to fix this…being that I can’'t login to the admin console anymore.


Perhaps you could edit the conf/openfire.xml config file and add another JID to the section, restart wildfire and see if you can get in with a different account. Then you could regenerate the admin account?


Thanks and don’'t laugh…but I have no idea how to do what you suggest. Do I do this by going to a command prompt?

Yes, you will need for example SSH access to your server if you want to modify this file. After that you will have to restart openfire.

Another way would be to create a new admin user. For this you will need direct access to your database. Simply create a new entry in table jiveUser. In MySQL prompt just enter the following command:

INSERT INTO jiveUser (username, email, password, creationDate, modificationDate) VALUES (''admin'',''your@email.com'',''yourNewAdminPassword'',0,0);

But on most servers access to the database will be firewalled for security reasons.



if you are using Windows and want to edit openfire.xml try to look for it in %programfiles%\Openfire\conf with the Explorer and make a copy of it. Use then your favorite editor to edit openfire.xml and save it with local encoding (not as UTF-8).