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Help configuring AD support for two domains

Hello all,

This may end up being more of a solution for AD then it is for openfire but here it goes. My company has two major locations, one in US and the other over seas. We are using two completly different domains, so they were not linked to begin with. Each site has their own users and users from US cannot log on to the domain over seas unless we create them a account on that domain.

I am currently running the newest version of Openfire on a server here in US which is integrated with my Active Directory. I would like to get a replica of the users and groups over seas to this domain, or have spark look at two AD domains. I have already created a trust between the two domains allowing overseas users to authenticate on US DCs. Is there an easy way to get the overseas AD users to show on my US AD tree so Openfire can see them and create accounts for them?

Edit: We have 4 DCs total, two in US and two Overseas. All server running Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and domain function levels are 2008.

Anyhelp is much appreciated!