Help configuring Groups in OpenFire With ActiveDirectory

I am setting up Openfire for the first time on a network using Active Directory.

My structure is as follows:


L__ Users

| L__ Admin


L__ company

| L__ Usuarios

| L__users

| L__ Groups

| L__groups

I dont have problem conguring The Users and Administrators DN. But I have problems configuring The Groups to see it on spark.

Any Idea?

two things you have to keep an eye out for:

  1. the groups have to be under the Base DN’s OU.

  2. after your groups are listed there you have to enable contact list group sharing (under the user/groups tab) for each group you want to appear in the user’s client session

I had issues with user and groups at first ( which I have basically working for me now.

Basically set the basedn to dc=company,dc=com,dc=co and work out if you want AD to maintain the security access or not and then work out your filter.


yeah you could do it that way. it gives everyone under the root dn the ability to login.

i have my non chat users in a seperate ou, so for me it was just a matter of pointing the base dn to the correct ou.

but…it depends on your AD layout