Help connecting! [open]

Hey everyone.

Im kinda a noob.

So i did the Openfire and Spark installation and can log in on my LAN.

Is there a way to log into my openfire server from spark outside the LAN?

Thanx in advance,


You could login using IP address, for example :
your IP address in LAN - Than you could login into Openfire using yourjid@domain_you_set_into_openfile, and you should congigure server name - and port - 5222 (by default) ingo spark (Advanced button into Spark login dialog).

Thanx, but I might have figured it out.

WOuld this work:

  1. Configure Linksys router to let my ip from ports 0-9090 out.

2)Set up DNS for my public ip

I have tried with this on my LAN and it works, and am waiting for my friend outside to test. will report back if it works.

Thank you for your help


In general if you run anything on your LAN on host with non-routable IP you will have to apply NAT/PAT on your public router. You don’t have to open such wide range of ports, just look at what you have in your Openfire server settings, more likely you have all defaults so opening/configuring TCP/5222 will be sufficient if you intend to use Spark. You may open/configure other ports (as per server’s configuration) if you plan to i.e. administer remotely.

If you need someone else to test let me know…