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Help: disable last name logon


How can i disable last name logon user in spark and autologin even when my user close his session? Is it possible?

Hi Damien,

looking at your other thread I think you already store the settings.xml on a server.

The problem that I see is that this file should not be read-only because there are some values a user might want to change. Most administrators don’'t like the idea that a user has the option to select another jabber server.

May I ask if it would help if Jivesoftware splits this file into two files, one which may be read-only and the other for the user settings?

I image that it would be possible that the entries available in the ‘‘ro file’’ replace the user settings. This could be a nice feature request, if you also like this idea.


Hi !

Yes it could be a great solution. I like to force users to cannot change setting. Only user name and password. It would be great to if i can change the path for this and the path for conversation logs.