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Help - group changes i make dont affect users


I installed the server and integreted it with LDAP AD.

Now, I set for certain groups from my AD who they will see in there rosters.

When I make changes (like adding a new users to a group) the other users from his group can’‘t see him, even if they log off and back on they still can’'t see him. only after I stop and restart the server and they login again they can see the new user…

Anyone have any ideal how to fix this problem?


There is some caching going on with LDAP to prevent the ldap service from getting pounded by queries. The changes will eventully make it in. I dont know what the timelimit is for cached entries, though.

Hi Yoav,

for the database cache the duration is 6 hours and the developers agreed to add a simple “Purge Cache” button. I see that a lot of users are hitting the LDAP cache problem so maybe another “Purge LDAP Cache” button will become available.

If you like this idea then please reply, find some nice words (please + feature request) for the developers who’'ll read this thread and probably the next nightly build will have this button.



First of all thank you very much for your replies, slushpupie. and it2000.

I tought it was something like that.

and so for the developers of WildFire, Please if it is not too much trouble make a new build with the option to “Purge LDAP Cache”, or even better, add an option to add to the xml conf file a definition for an LDAP purging time.

Thank you again