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Help hardware for 20.000 users in Wildfire server?

Hi everyone !

I need calculate the dimension of one it plans to implement the server wildfire

to support 20.000 users and connected one measured of 10.000, somebody

would know or would have an experience for telling me on the used hardware.

Disk HD, memory, processor ?

Thanks all.



What do you plan to use the server for? specifically, is this strictly an IM server, will you be using the internal database, or using an external database to authenticate. Will you be allowing offline message storage? Also, do you believe that all 20K personnel will be using this server at once or is that a total from the pool of people that can use it at any given time?


Hi jeff !

I´m using the internal database, i´m allowing offline message storage … I believe in 5.000 users using at the same time …





don’'t try it. You will make yourself unhappy. I recommend that you set up a test server with 50 users, then another with 1000 users and get some experience with Wifi.

How do you want to backup the database?

What are the reasons for you to choose this database?

Which operating system are you using?

Can you wait for Project Pampero[/url], maybe this is the better way to handle 20k users.


PS: You had some questions …

I’'d estimate 5 GB memory (1 MB for every concurrent user).

Two 1 GHz processors should be fine, a single processor system may be a little bit too small to run garbage collections on 5 GB memory, but if you can get a 3 GHz processor you may want to use it.

I have no idea about the database size but the content may be less than 2 GB, so the disc space is something which does not matter.