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Help! How to apply a .diff file

Hi all i’m new to this software and not a developer so please forgive my ignorance. I’ve downloaded a .diff file that I think will solve an issue i’m having but i’m not sure exactly how to apply the file on my server to take effect.

Any information or feedback would be greatly appreciated.



This diff file is most probably created for the source code, so it is not just a simple patch you can apply to a working software. It has to be applied to the source code and then new binaries should be compiled.

Thanks wroot for getting back to me. So essentially i’m SOL? I’m trying to get this patch http://community.igniterealtime.org/servlet/JiveServlet/download/225126-18320/op enfire_history_day.diff.zip

and apply to it my server so I can use the new feature?

Is there another way to go about it?


No other options. You would have to download the source code, set up it in some IDE (like Eclipse Java or Netbeans Java SE) apply the diff, compile new jar files and then replace them in your installation. Usually openfire.jar ir enough, but it may require other libraries too. Another problem would be, that you may not want to use the current latest Openfire code, but something closer to your current version, as the latest source code may have other changes, which you don’t want maybe. I don’t know exactly how to pull a desired source code version from the SVN.

Thanks for the response, do you know if a feature like this will make it into a build?

Can’t see what feature exactly it is from the link to patch itself. Maybe there is a forum link or jira ticket link? Though anyway development is not active currently, so any feature hardly can make into a next version. Can’t say when the new version will be.

Ok thanks.

As an FYI here is the link http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/231495#231495 to the forum article I was referring to.