Help! How to connect Bria to openfire?

Hello community!

We use the Bria program (v.3.4.2 build 67300) for communication with VoIP-server Asterisk. As the IM server we use «openfire v.3.7.1» product with the client of Spark. However we would like to use Bria as the IM client (XMPP-protocol). But all attempts of connection to the working server at us don’t turn out.

We contacted developers of Bria (CounterPath) but to us answered the following:

«The reason is listed in the log that you sent:

I would check with Openfire for the resolution.»

Where to look for a mistake in this way of connection? (we established openfire by default).

Convincingly we ask you to help to solve a question of connection of Bria to our IM server.

Thank you.

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