Help: How to extend the capability of Pub/Sub?

I am working on a plugin of user profile (jep0154). The difficulty in my way is how to extend the Pub/Sub for user profile.

I’'ve seeking in source of wildfire for a long time without any progress.

Can somebody help me?


It doesn’'t appear to me as anything needs to be extended after looking at the JEP. It looks like you would need some custom client code to handle the persisting and loading of the profile though.



Thanks to Alex.

I’'ve finished the IQ get & set of user profile today, but there are till errors on pub/sub

The sending packet like:

Is this mean that I have to do something to wildfire?

Hey hopeshared,

It means that the node that you are publishing does not exist. When you create a new node if the node ID is modified then it is included in the creation answer. You should then publish items to the correct node ID.


– Gato