Help in integrating jive messenger


i would like to integrate jive messenger in my application is done using j2EE technology.i hav no idea as,where to install this in my application?

Dont hav idea as,how to start this task??

can anybody help me plzzz


Hi Ammu,

may I ask why you want to integrate Wifi in your application? What kind of application are you already running, and how are you starting it? Is it running within an J2EE server like Bea Weblogic?

You may download the linux .tar.gz file (or better a nightly build) and look at the start script if you’'re looking for the command line parameters instead of wildfire.exe to launch Wifi.



thanks for ur response.Actually i would like to integrate the chat feature in our UMS system.application server we r using is jboss n web server is tomcat.

please help me with ur ideas…

thank u…

Hey ammu:

wildfire can run alonely in tomcat and you can do a service plugin in whildfire,it may communication with your application.



Hi Ammu,

as Tom said Tomcat is already supported using wildfire.war. Support for JBoss is planned, see and vote for JM-448 if you need it, it may take three month.

If you are using LDAP for UMS you could use the same user base.

What do you want to integrate? Send & Receive Fax/SMS via XMPP ?



One other thing to note is that if you embed Wildfire into your application than your application will also need to be released under the Open Source GPL license. The other option is to get a commercial Wildfire license from us (Jive Software).



The jive messenger use jetty as its web server, it is similar with tomcat. You can use your tomcat instead of jetty. The other things in jive messenger is more or less a App in JAR.

I am developing my own XMPP-Server based on jive messenger, wish my suggest give you a little help.