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HELP needed - I can disable the ChatRoom history


We are developing som plugins to both Spark and OpenFire (Wildfire). I need to avoid the chatRoom presenting the ChatRomm History.

It is Strange, perhaps a bug?

If I in preferences select DisableHistory - doesn-’'t help - it still shows me the history when I open the ChatRoom

If logon WildFire, and selects Group Chat Settings/HistorySetting/Don’'t Show History - I still get the history.

What is wrong ?

I’'m using Spark 2.0.8 (Windows XP), WildFire 3.2.2

I have used so much time on this now- and I am beginning to question the quality of this software - sorry to say!


Per Kare Foss

Wow, well the first thing you should know is that group chat history and one to one history are totally different. So you shouldn’'t be seeing group chat history when you disable that in the admin. Secondly, to disable one to one history, you need to disable it via preferences or use showHistory=false in spark.properties.