Help needed with ofmeet and SIP call


I’ve recently discovered jitsi-meet and was very surprised how simply it works !

Then I’ve found that openfire has is own plugin, ofmeet, based on jitsi-meet. So I’ve installed Openfire 3.10.2 on an ubuntu server LTS, get ofmeet by the admin console and it appears that everything is working well, behind nat and firewall (Audio and video ok).

My problem is focused on the SIP part. Whereas SIP works with jitsi-meet and jigasi in stand-alone, it doesn’t work with ofmeet. I’ve followed this post to configure the SIP part: but nothing happens…

I don’t know where are the sip logs, so I’ve just run tcpdump and seen that no sip registration or invite are sent when I try to make a call (and at reboot of the server).

When I run netstat -l with jitsi-meet and jigasi, I can see that sip port is listening but not with ofmeet.

Does anyone know where the problem is ? How can I debug the SIP call ?

Thanks for help!

ofmeet SIP implementation is different from Jitsi project’s Jigasi. It is based on Kelpie and seems to be broken at the moment. If you really need SIP, use Jigasi as an external component.