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Help on Using the Spark IM

Hi Friends,

Please help me…

I just downloaded spark IM and installed… pls help me how 2 use it… in login its asking for server.

What should i give in as server name…



You need to put the name of the server you want to connect to in there. That is for a jabber server. Once logged into a jabber server you may then enter a gateway account to another service (AOL, Yahoo!, MSN).


First you need to have a XMPP server like Wildfire, you can download it from this site , it runs on Windows and Linux, choose the flavor you like. I like the linux one.

Once you have installed Wildfire, the domain that you place on Wildfire’'s configuration will be the server information you have to place in Spark.

Spark is the default client for Wildfire (in case I didn’'t mention this before)

Please let me know if this helps.