Help on VoIP setup

Hello everyone,

I am new to this technology, and have a project where in i am creating an IM using jabber / xmpp protocol, now th server is Openfire(using inbuilt database), and clients will be in j2me, and symbian language.

I want to implement VoIP feature in my IM now i have no clue at all about it like how to start with it?, what servers would be required? etc, however read an article that Asterisk-im is one of the plugin for Openfire, and Asterisk is one of the servers for VoIP. Am trying to find reference material or help for coding, i guess not using the correct words to fetch proper results, or may be dont have the searching clues.

Need to figure out if using openfire and astrisk-im plugin is the only thing to provide VoIP or is there any thing else server side or client side…

Having no guide to help me also so any kind of support would be appritiated.

Once this get solved i guess ill get a base to which i can start with…

Please help me

Thank you.

Any one please help me out i am stuck at a point where i cannot go ahead of till i deside on things, as i dont even know properly if i am on track of acheiving target or no…