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Help ! Openfire 3.8.1 and Lync 2007 R2 XMPP Gateway not talking to each other!

I am in desperate need of some help as I just can’t get my Openfire (3.8.1) to talk to Lync (2007 R2) properly. I can start a chat from OF to Lync and the contents pass through to the Lync client, however when I answer in Lync nothing passes over to the spark client (tried the Pandion client as well to rule out IM client problems).

I know everything is fine in terms of connectivity as I installed the Prosody XMPP Server on the same machine and talks without a problem to Lync.

In S2S config I have TLS explicitly disabled.

the debug log isn’t giving me any clear sign of what may be causing this problem.

Has anyone else had the same experience and was able to sort it out?


José Oliveira

I get this in the debug.log when I try to chat from Lync to Openfire… any insight into this message? Could this be the cause of the problem?

2013.06.11 12:39:09 org.jivesoftware.openfire.net.BlockingAcceptingMode - Connect Socket[addr=/«XMPPGateway IP Address»,port=59288,localport=5269]

Help Please!!


José Carlos