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Help! Please! Which version?

Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me which version of Smack I should checkout in order to generate .JAR files compatible to Spark ?

PS: Any combination Spark/Smack you know about is helpful to me!

Can anyone help me?

Kind Regards

Richard Gomes

see So which version should I use?

Dear it2000 (and ALL reading this thread),

The thread it2000 has just mentioned does not anwer the question regarding “which Smack” version I must use in order to successfully compile Spark.

As you can see in thread http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=23743&tstart=0 I’’ ve already tried versions that supposedly should work together.

I need to do modifications on both Smack and Spark in order to test a feature, but I’'m not able to compile Spark after I inject the new .JAR files generated from Smack.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

Richard Gomes

I’‘d like to know this as well. I’'m developing a plugin that is currently compatible w/ Spark 2.0.4 and want to migrate it to Spark 2.0.8. I know I can just compile against the Smack jars from the Spark 2.0.8 install dir, but how do I know which version of Smack it is, and where do I get the Smack javadocs for that version?

As an aside, I don’'t think non-beta versions should be released with dependencies on beta libraries. If Spark 2.0.8 is production grade, then the Smack lib it depends on should be as well, and should be released.