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Help: Reinstalling System/Openfire

Hi, I am new to Openfire and am enjoying using it with iChat.

I want to reinstall my system (Mac OS X Leopard), and I want to know how I would go about backing up and reinstalling Openfire so that I don’t have to set up the whole thing from scratch.



Mac’s are not often used for Openfire. If you are using an external database or LDAP wihch are not on the same server then you need only openfire/conf/openfire.xml. If you are using the embedded database you need also the openfire/embedded-db/ directory and its contents.

Anyhow the whole openfire directory should contain only a few MB, so you should be able to make a backup of it.

I think that you need also the old installer if you want to restore the same version as the installer adds the rc start and stop scripts.