Help save the Asterisk-IM plugin :-)

This sounds more like Spark’s bug, similar to what speedy tried to fix in 2.7.6

I dont think so… Think its plugin related or server side? Pidgin showing same “on the phone” status when said user/extension is not on an active call.

this is likely a spark issue. likely spark is grabbing the presence and saving it, (although it shouldn’t be). I’ve tried to create a few “rules” to address it. There is likely a much better way to do it, but since I’m not a developer, my skill set is very limited. unfortunately, I’ve changed jobs, and no longer have asterisk…i might try to stand a box up though if time permits.

Provide any insight on the rules you created to address? I noticed the status message stuck on Pidgin as well.

Spark/ at master · igniterealtime/Spark · GitHub

Any insight about this project ? are we going to see it kicking again how soon?

A few threads lower in the forums New Asterisk-IM version