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Help setting Openfire up over internet

Hi all,

Just installed Openfire on my server (fs1) and set up Spark for testing on LAN and it worked great. Now I’m trying to open it up so users outside of our LAN can access it.

What I’ve done so far:

  • configured DNS: mail2.araxican.ca gets redirected to our static IP

  • opened port 5222 on the router’s firewall and incoming is redirected to the server with Openfire (hostname:fs1)

In Openfire:

  • set Server Name: mail2.araxican.ca

  • Host Name: fs1

  • set ssl certs as required in Openfire

-Server Certificates

  1. *.mail2.araxican.ca (mail2.araxican.ca_rsa) Jan 31, 2014 Self signed RSA
  2. *.mail2.araxican.ca (mail2.araxican.ca_dsa) Jan 31, 2014 Self signed DSA

when I try to log in via Spark locally

user + PW + Server: fs1 it still works

but when I try to log on with server:mail2.araxican.ca

it doesn’t work.

I must be missing something here. help please.


Hi Shawn,

I assume that “telnet mail2.araxican.ca 5222” should work, but for me this fails. I get a timeout, so it seems that you did either not open the firewall or that your internal routing does not work. Try this in your LAN, I assume that even there this fails. As long as the TCP connect fails there’s little Spark can do.



Will have a look at my logs in the router, make modifications and get back.

Thanks for the leed :-} Guess I should have checked that before posting.


Well I properly opend the port and very sweet. Works like a charm. So far I really like the product. Just have to do testing in Terminal Server and get groups working…

quick question: I set up in the admin a Group and added users: user1, user2, user3 but when I log in as one of these users I cannot see this group. Do I have to subscribe or set something up first?

well got that to work as well. This is really a great product :smiley: