Help setting up a basic Hazelcast setup

So I’m struggling to get my Hazelcast setup. I run openfire using 2 home servers that are showing as being clustered together but I can’t seem to get HaProxy to work. I’m just trying to have the server offload some of the work load and provide basic redundancy. HaProxy is installed on one of the servers that I want to be the “primary” openfire server. When I enable HaProxy and then enable openfire the server is unconnectable.

My haproxy.cfg is


log local0 notice

maxconn 2000

user haproxy

group haproxy


log global

mode http

option httplog

option dontlognull

retries 3

option redispatch

timeout connect 5000

timeout client 10000

timeout server 10000

listen appname

mode http

stats enable

stats uri /haproxy?stats

stats realm Strictly\ Private

stats auth :

balance roundrobin

option httpclose

option forwardfor

server server1 check

server server2 check

got it working, had to change the ports