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Help setting up my server name properly


Linux: 2.6.20

Wildfire: 3.2.2

mysql: 5.0.33

bind: 9.3.3


I have successfully navigated the setup wizard with the help of Alex. I am confused about the server/db fields and their relation to the outside world.

In my set up i have:

Server Name: localhost

DB User: jabber@localhost

DB Connection URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/openfire?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF8

This would all seem to be correct as the server is the only computer i have thus localhost.

However, i want users on this server (including myself whom may be the only user for a while) to be contacted via my domain name like JID: bearcat@feline-soul.com. This way my email and my jabber id will be the same. I’‘d rather not have to set up a subdomain like bearcat@jabber.feline-soul.com, but i will if i have to. Obviously, people on other servers can’'t contact me on localhost.

So right now, i don’‘t see where to enter this information, unless the above fields are supposed to be ‘‘feline-soul.com’’ where they are ‘‘localhost’’. However, if i do that i see a exclamation point next to the domain name. It doesn’'t seem to like that.

I’'m fairly sure that my DNS is set up correctly, as my jabberd2 installation works just fine on this machine (aside from my reasons for migrating over to Openfire)

Thank you,

Bearcat M. Sandor

Hi Bearcat,

the “!” will be displayed because your SSL certificates are probalby self-signed for localhost and not for ‘‘feline-soul.com’’, visit the SSL setup page and re-generate them.

If your DNS provider offers SRV records or if you run your web server on the same host as Openfire you may indeed want to use feline-soul.com as the xmpp domain.


Whooo! Does a happy cat dance. It works! It works!

Thank you!