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Help setting up Openfire Server

I am currently having issues setting up my Openfire Server. Here are the details:

The network it is on has mutiple computers setup through a netopia router. All of these computers share 1 external IP. The server is setup on one of these computers. Now, I have taken what I figured would be the required steps and setup pinholes in the firewall for the required ports(5223, 5222, 7070, 9090, 9091, 7777, 7443, etc) for spark clients to connect.

For this example, lets use 222.333.444.555 as the external IP address of the network. Let be the server’s internal network IP.I do not have a DNS name for the server so I am trying to set it up using its external IP (222.333.444.555) to connect. I’ve had it setup working correctly for the internal network, however I need it to be accessable from the internet.

Assuming the ports are forwarded correctly, What does the name of my server need to be set as? 222.333.444.555(External) or I have tried both of these setups and still am unable to connect. Are there any other steps I need to take to allow the server to be accessable from the internet/outside world? The router I’m working with may be the culprit so I’m trying to narrow this issue down. Any help is greatly appreciated.

you will not be able to use either because the internalcomputers will not loopback on the router to see it. you need to use a fully qualified domain name to access the server from the inside and out. One that can be resoved internally and externally.