Help us translate Spark and Openfire!

We have started to experiment with an online tool that facilitates the process of translating Spark and Openfire. Both already have a bunch of translations, but none are complete.

I’m looking for people wanting to test the tool and/or provide translations. The aim is to make providing translations become so easy that little technological know-how is required.

If you’re interested, please sign up to Ignite Realtime localization | Transifex and let me know what you think!


Great idea. I tried to find a tool (free), but unfortunately I did not find it.
By the way, Spark has a ticket for this.

I’ll be happy to help out with the Swedish translation.


Thanks! I believe that if you head over to Transifex and create an account there, things will be pretty self-explanatory! Looking forward to be able to add Swedish to the supported languages of Openfire!

I have an account and I’m looking at stuff now :slight_smile:


Can i help with Portuguese (BRASIL)

Absolutely! Everyone can help! You can get started easily by following the link to Transifex in tje text that I wrote earlier.

I’ve already started the translations, I’m happy to be able to help

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