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Help w/Openfire server ..Remote desktop

I would like to try something “out of the box”

Can I get some help from someone or a few people that might access my openfire server. Like a remote desktop thing …

I have a HIGH PROFILE private group of traders that want to use my server and I would like to have everything working

I will give all the information in an email or chat with spark…

I need to get things setup and having numerous issues… and the typing wait for an answer type wait for an answer is not working.

I have a large private group that will be accessing the openfire server. So my big issues is client usability … I would love to get some help with the voice chat (huge smile) if I get it working.


  • Ports that need to be open

  • I have the Best settings for the Openfire Server

  • Client options

  • Client & Server Voice chat setup.

  • Using Linksys WRT300N

Located: toronto Canada

Any help… you don’t have to have all the answers… just the help you offer is good enough …anyone ???

Before I make any commitment I would need a list of issue, and hours access could be available. I have a 9-5 eastern time office job, but off hours are available.

I don’t have the time, but I would recommend using something like www.logmein.com

works just like gotomypc and they have a free version.