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Help wanted, Openfire behavior just like Skype


I’m looking for anybody who may do some patchs for Spark and Openfire.

In two words - I’d like to have Openfire/Spark behavior just like Skype with incoming and outgoing messages when one JID connected at the same time from different places. I need to have a carbon copy for every incoming and outgoing message for each equal JID with equal priority connected at the same time.

Could you help me to find somebody who may do it?

thank you

I have come across this requested bevaiour of Skype in my projects and my answer is always the same

Use the monitoring plugin to archive all your messages. If you use different XMPP Resource Id for the same JID, it will archive them all to the same JID. See Spark documementation for how to change default Resource Id from “Spark” to something else for each desktop or device.