Help with Account Display Name

I am testing openfire at this point and I named my machine test-ann-jab-01, and when you mouse over a user it shows their account as . Is there a way to change that? Maybe to show their acutal email address? Or any other alias?

Do I have to change the hostname to get it to show something else?


Mouse over where? In Spark?

Yes. You can try changing hostname.

Yes in Spark or PSI whatever client I use it shows the .

I have had problems changing the hostname in Ubuntu before, hopefully I won’t this time. ?:expressionless:

And what problems do you had? Maybe you should wait for more comments then. I havent had any problems, though my hostnames are the same as machines names, so far.

I was never clear on what the process of changing the hostname in Ubuntu was. Which caused me to lose sudo and whatnot.

Correct procedure is as follows:

Change the contents of /etc/hostname nad /etc/hosts to match.

Anyone know what kind of impact, if any, this will have on openfire?

drewdown wrote:

Anyone know what kind of impact, if any, this will have on openfire?

I think none. In simple setup (without DNS) clients will have to connect to different server name, but that will not change the part after @ in their names. This will stay the same as Server name specified in Admin Console.

You can change Server Name in Admin Console say to, and the machine hostname could be Clients will connect to, but on hover it will show . I think this should behave like that. In my case users are connecting by server’s IP address, but they have correct server name after @.

Yeah that did the trick. I figured it earlier today, but I needed to restart the server to get the change to show.