Help with an error on openfire server

When I restart the Openfire server it works normally and Spark clients can connect to it.
After a few minutes, the server starts to show this image attachment error. Even with this error the server is still working, but the clients stop being able to connect.

By ‘restart’, you mean the server is restarting or just the openfire software? My guess is that you have both a 32 and 64 bit version of openfire installed with both attempting to launch.

Hello, akrherz! Thanks for your response
When I restart the server, I’m talking about Windows, the computer, not just openfire.
I don’t have two installations on the server, I just installed this openfire. I can’t imagine anything here on the company’s network that might be using these ports.

When openfire starts showing these errors mentioned above, Spark clients can’t access, they get this message from this image