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Help with connecting OpenFire to Active Directory

Hello All,

I’m having a terrible time getting OpenFire to connect to my Active Directory. I have created a domain called ntdcctest.com. My domain controller is named DC1. I have renamed my administrator account to NICK.

In the profile settings of the setup, I’m using the following:

Server type = Active Directory

Host = dc1.ntdcctest.com


Base DN = cn=users,dc=ntdcctest,dc=com

Administrator DN = cn=nick,cn=users,dc=ntdcctest,dc=com

Password = my password

When I test the settings, I don’t get any error messages so I’m assuming the test was successful.

I get to the point where I have to add an administrator, and nothing I add here works. I have tried:





I have verified my ldap users container is cn=users,dc=ntdcctest,dc=com using the powershell commandlet get-addomain

I have verified that distinguished name of my account is cn=nick,cn=users,dc=ntdcctest,dc=com using the powershell commandlet get-aduser nick.

Everything I have found on google and in the various postings indicates that cn=nick,cn=users,dc=ntdcctest,dc=com should be working. What am I doing wrong here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Nick D.

I have the same problem with openfire 3.8.2 with my AD server.

I have the same issue now, can you let me know what you have done to get around this issue?