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Help with group chat setting

Is there a way to stop someone from logging in with any nickname other than their username? I have unchecked the box for changing nickname, and that seems to only stop you from changing it after your logged in. We are using the spark client. I checked only login w/ registered u/n but then im unable to log into the chat room at all even w/ myself added as an admin of the room.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I, too, would love to know the answer to this; I would like to not allow users to choose names other than their Jabber IDs in rooms (so that they can’'t impersonate other users).

I would like to know the answer to this as well.


there’'s also a setting “Show Real JIDs of Occupants to:” on the http://…/muc-room-edit-form.jsp?&create=true web site, but also with this set to Anyone you will not see the real JIDs. Also a moderator (the other option) will not see the real JIDs … really an annoying problem.