Help With iJab+Openfire

Hi There

I need some help on iJab config to work with Openfire.

I have got a Linux Suse machine with Openfire on it, its working fine with spark.

Then i have apache on it and i dumped the iJab files in root. Website is opening but when entering username and password it tells me “Username or Password error”

Did anyone beat this problem.

2nd Question : What is the best webbased chat client for openfire.

Thank You


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Hey Murlin,

I’m having a similar issue. I’m using a Windows 2008 server running Openfire 3.6.4, but I put the iJab files in the plugins/admin directory like SparkWeb. I did turn on http-binding and changed the port to 8181. I can load the iJab.html page using localhost:9090/iJab/iJab.html.

But when I connect it gives the “Username or Password error”

Anyone else got any ideas?