Help with installing red5 on openfire, windows2003 server

Hi, i need a little help to install the red5 plugin on the openfire server witch is installed on a windows 2003 server.

i have downloaded the from renamed the file from ROOT.war to red5.war and placed him in the plugin forlder from the openfire server… waited, restarted… nothing happend

the spark client i have found and downloaded from here , that seems to be work (without server…).

Where di i’m get the right red5 plugin for openfire, and how do im install this correct on the win2003 machine???

thank you in advance for any help


35 hits for now and no tips?



Did you really search for this or you just wanted someone else to do it for you

… thank you Dele, ive toke the wrong red5.war file from the google page

Installation has worked and i see the red5 tab in the openfire admin.

Configuration (Openfire)

From the Openfire Administration Console, click on ‘Server’ and then click on ‘Red5 properties’.

The Properties are self-explaining. If you change your red5 web application name or SIP settings, you must restart Openfire in order for the change to take effect. If you use anthing other than the default URL (rtmp:/oflaDemo) then make sure that have copied your java classes or jar file to the right place and made the correct changes to red5 properties and xml files.

I have let all default in the settings but i can not open the web page > or




Powered by Jetty://

should i restart the server or do i missing something?

restart a little difficulty, next restart is in 6 hours possible



Any one a tip for me?

Ok, i solved self.

I have restarted the server 4 times and now it seems to be work… i need now only a second webcam for the tests