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Help with ldap integration in 3.7.1

Can someone throw me a bone on how my ldap should be configured to see users? Most users are in separate offices listed under the Restricted OU. I’m just looking for what my base DN and administrator DN should look like in this version of Open Fire.

I’ve had this app working before and users loved it; but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to see users and groups again. I’ve read all the old material, posts and still no luck.

I can click test and get success, but like many others, when I save & continue, Openfire cannot find any users "No users were found using the specified configuration…’.

Thanks, I hope someone will take pity on my soul!


take out OU=users from your basedn

make your basedn the root of your domain. dc=xxx,dc=org

Thanks for the ‘speedy’ reply. I did, no joy. I stopped and started the service as well. When I test, is it safe to use the back button to go back and try another configuration or should I quit and start over each time?

Wait! I got something! I took out the < > that surrounded my dc=xxx and I’m getting random profiles! Not sure from where just yet, but it is something.

I recommend using ADExplorer to navigate the lowest OU where users are stored, checking the properties and copying and pasting the OU syntax in the base DN of your configuration. In my case it helped me a lot to define the filter syntax i needed to use.

You can find the application here.


By using the root of your domain, it will pull users from anywhere within it. If you need to limit access, then you should use search filters.

Got it. I’ll have to learn that next. I got to the end of the install config and got a Server error, so I rebooted the VM and will attempt a reinstall now with the parms you provided.

I would also recommend using ms sql (or ms sql express) as your database instead of the embedded db.

Also this is how I set up my groups


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OK, server is up & clients are talking. I’m getting an “Unable to contact search service” so no users or groups are showing up just yet. that’s next. Then I’m going to use your document link you provided and AD Explorer to start getting it optimized.

We’re getting there.