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Help with licensing


I’'ve been evaluating and testing Openfire for a while and plan to put it into production now Spark 2.5.0 is officially released.

However, I’‘m unsure whether I can use the enterprise version or not. I basically don’'t think I understand the licensing model or the benefits of the Enterprise edition despite reading around the subject.

We have about 1000 users, and I’‘d expect a quarter of those to use the product at any one time. We have 3 Wildfire servers each supporting a regional user base (and AD Domain). Fastpath and client deployment and control sounds great, but will be ultimately useless for us (we use SMS for packaging and already skin and pre-configure the client in each region). We’'re also importing the XML logs of chat transcripts into Oracle so can process and search messages and threads based on source and destination users.

I’'d love to use the SIP plug-in for Spark for our travelling sales people (maybe 50 people) to allow them to use our internal telephone system remotely when on the road. So, Enterprise is attractive for that reason.

Could someone help explain what that feature would cost me? From my limited understanding, it’‘d cost the concurrent number of users * 15 dollars per month. Is that correct? So if I could have 200 concurrent users on any one site at any time ,it’'d be 200 * 3 *15 ($9000) per month, for effectively a sip client plug-in?

I believe I owe Jive some licensing fees for the great product. However, that seems extremely steep for effectively 50 users of the SIP client plug-in.

Is my understanding of the licensing model incorrect, ot does it just not work too well for our environment?

Could I introduce a fourth server and just license it’‘s concurrent usage for Enterprise (though this would be a pain given our current integration with Active Directory and it’'d probably end up being 2 servers for each region).



Hi DeeJay,

I can answer your licensing/pricing question. In short, the pricing per user is only $15.00 per user/per year. So, if you require 200 concurrent user connections for Openfire Enterprise (the SIP client plug-in specifically) your annual cost would only be $3,000.00.

I would love to chat with you further. Please feel free to shoot me an email at jake@jivesoftware.com so we can schedule a time to chat.

Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you.

Best, Jake Long

Jive Software Solutions Consultant

The bits I like in enterprise:

  • web chat (currently in beta) but works on the jive site well.

  • spark manager - i.e. keeping clients all on the same version.

Things for enterprise primarily (cool, but no use to me in a small company):

  • block file transfers - i.e. some dufus user cant get through 9gb on there 3G card and cost the company a fortune

  • fastpath for your IT department instead of a call centre?

Just my thoughts! Its only gonna cost me $375 for the <25 users we need so easier to justify, but thats what I’'m going for!


Hi Guys,

Please feel free to contact me with licensing and pricing questions if you would like to move forward with Openfire Enterprise. My contact email is jake@jivesoftware. Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you.

Best, Jake Long