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Help with open user-registration


Thanks for an amazing XMPP server solution, it was exactly what I was looking for.

Alright, I got my server running, I can login as admin on :9090, and add user manually. But is it possible to let the users register themselves, with a webform?

At port 8080 there was nothing but a link to HTTP BIND something. and the link didnt even work. The page was plain white expect of that link.

What 8080 ment for open user registration? Or something else?

I’'d appriciate any help I can get.

regards tAno

just install the “registration” and “User Service” plugins

then on the “User/Groups” tab, go to the “Registration Properties”

then put a checkmark on:

Enable users to register via a web page at http://server.example.com:9090/plugins/registration/sign-up.jsp

then just broadcast to that link so that users can register there…

Right. It is possible.

If you need some inspiration how it can be look like, feel free to check out my Jabber-Registration Page.

If you go this way you can save a lot of time instead adding User manually