Help with Openfire Server 3.6.4

Hello I am a new Technician with a Client that uses openfire to run their spark client and unfortunately their previous tech did not supply their admin console password nor a list of active users and their credentials. I have some new pcs in the office that need to have access to this im client but am unable to add or recover credentials due to lack of admin. Is there anyway to retreive the admin console credentials or worse comes to worse access the configuration file that would outline setup as they use this system across two sites that share a connection via site to site vpn.

3.6.4 is a pretty old version. You’ll not be able to use the password recovery functionality that was added for this purpose, but in a later version.

I personally don’t have experience with recovering a password. A quick search on this forum yields this result, which seems to be relevant: Openfire admin password

I hope this helps!