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Help with Rename Contact

Hi all,

I want rename contact fron contact list user,

with Roste

Ex: Display nick name: jonh_kaka will rename : Jonh Kaka and display it,

Please help me!



This is untested code, but you need to something similar to the following:

// Create a connection to the igniterealtime.org XMPP server.
XMPPConnection con = new XMPPConnection("igniterealtime.org");
// Connect to the server
// Most servers require you to login before performing other tasks.
con.login("jsmith", "mypass"); // Get the entry for the contact you want to change using the user's JID
RosterEntry entry = con.getRoster().getEntry("jonh_kaka@server.com");
// Set the new name for the contact
entry.setName("Jonh Kaka");

Please refer to the JavaDoc for more information.

Hope this helps,


Thanks you, verry very much!

What your name ? and where are you?

I’am from Viet Nam, and my name is Ty ( MicKey Mouse )

I will reply for you!



I want forget pasword by Email for user register,

Do you want help me?

Ex: input email or username and check email in database if Ok then send password with email.

I write english very less.

Thanks you!