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Help with setting up Spark

I’m probably asking too much, maybe not even at the right spot, but I need some help setting up Spark on our LAN network. I downloaded the client sparks but I believe I might have to set something up on the server. Is that so? We have a Linux on the server and I’m running Macs in all our offices. When I down loaded Spark and it says to make an account I do all it tells me and put in the server’s IP address but it never sets up. I know I’m missing something and I don’t know if anyone can help me via this medium but I thought I’d ask.



You need to install/configre the Openfire server. Once the server is setup and populated with users then you can use Spark to connect to it.

Thanks, I wanted someone to confirm that. I know I can down load it and install it-- Its the configuring part that might stumble me but I’m going to try. Thanks for the help.