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Hello, Matt !

I want to have these helpers for internal or external component support :

  1. Discovery requests support(possible agent information too). JEP-0100/,

  2. Registration requests support - registration info parse and output prompt. JEP-0100/, Possible, with data forms support(JEP-0141)

  3. Gateway helper for parse ‘‘jabber:iq:gateway’’ requests. JEP-0100/6.2

  4. Version requests support. JEP-0092.

Also, in the next step :

  1. Ad-hoc commands support. JEP-0050.

  2. Other JEPs

But before helpers implementation we need to make working version of messenger with internal component support. I mean Component interface.

I think this helpers should be defined as OPTIONAL for using with component. So, any component can be able to parse ALL packet himself.

WBR, Alex.