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Hi all

Hello =)

What is with spark development ? Is it goes good ? If you need i can help with it.


You have probably seen these threads:

Development is not very active as lead developer (Winsrev) is doing it in his spare time. And it seems he doesnt have much of spare time Also it’s a bit tricky to release new versions (as it has to be done on a Jive side). Though, some people are providing patches (as Nick) and we can test them and give our suggestions. Maybe in the future things will change, i hope. Matt was talking about some new system (CI - continual integration) which will let us make automatic build releases.

It’s good to have more contributors, so any help is welcome. Are you a java programmer? Do you want to provide patches?

One may better ask “Are you a (junior) open source project leader?” instead of “Are you a java programmer?” (;

I wonder if it makes sense to divide this further, I would expect that a project leader tries to release a new version every 3 month while the current Spark version is quite old. And with currently 14 open issues one may expect that Spark 2.6.0 will not be released within a few days.


Thanks for threads, realy helpfull.

Yes i’m java developer & web developer.

Spark i use with openfire server in my portal. About month i started to create plugins for myself, quotes and so on. And for now i’d like to help this project. this is realy good client .

Of cource i’ll provide you patches.