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Hi installed openfire--->cant login on the admin console


Anyone can help me cant login with openfire admin after install-i already give my password i set during the install—>how am i going to reset it…please any idea.

Can you connect to the server via a client, e.g. Spark? This will validate that the username / password is correct.

I had to execute the following SQL command before I could log in to the Admin Console after I did a clean install and configured the system to use Microsoft SQL Server.

INSERT INTO ofproperty VALUES(‘admin.authorizedJIDs’,‘admin@jabber.mycompany.com’)

I used mysql-------> and heres how i set my openfire…http://www.tonybhimani.com/2007/12/31/openfire-jabberxmpp-server-on-centos-mini- howto/

thats whatt i follow- i was able to complte the installation but after-trying to login the password and user i cant login.

How do i correct this.

anyone have idea there im stock here on this process…


Restart openfire and you will be able to log in.


How about intergarting my openfire to use yahoo IM, Googletalk and etc.----> how do i do that on the settings…? is it on the server-server settings…?