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i have install openfire in ubuntu 10.04 its working fine with spark and spark web now i need to install spark client in ubuntu clients.

when i install .rpm and try to change .rpm to .deb its not changed and i got a error '

**root@mohan:~/Downloads# alien -d spark-2.6.3.rpm **

spark-2.6.3.rpm is for architecture amd64 ; the package cannot be built on this system’

kindly guide me what i do to work it and is it possible if i spark client logo changed to my company logo.


Mohan Rao


You can use tar.gz version, uncpack it and run Spark script inside.


my another question is when i install spark messenger then i need to startup logo is flashed spark there i need to use my company logo. is it possible for me or possible for only software developers


Mohan Rao

You can read this for a detailed customization guide http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1360

If you just need to change image on the login screen, then you can open Spark\lib\spark.jar with an archiver (on Windows i use 7-zip for this), go to src\resources\images folder and replace spark.gif with your own image, then archive that file again and check how it works. Then you can copy your customized spark.jar to other clients. If you want to have it in your own installer, then i can’t help you.

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Thank you very much!