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Hidden/Private Rooms & Discovery

I am trying to setup a “Private Chatroom” option where you can create a new chatroom not publicly searchable but still be able to retreive/discover room information (such as room name and description) when a member joins the room. When I set the public searchable value to 0 I am unable to retreive any information on the room at all.

Hidden Room: A room that cannot be found by any user through normal means such as searching and service discovery; antonym: Public Room.

If I am unable to retreive any information on the room, so how can I display the description and room name to people who have joined the room?

Alternatively, I figure I could either send a hidden message from the moderator to the participants with this information, or create a seperate Group Chat Category for “Private” rooms, which will not be searchable… But I feel like there should be a more obvious solution?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.