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Hide all users in the same group from each other?

We would like to restrict access to users within a group (Staff) so that they can only see/chat with users from another group (Support) and not each other. We would also like to ensure that users from the **Support **group can see all those in the **Staff **group.

Can this be achieved and if so, how?


I have the same issue

Did you manage to solve this problem?

Thank you very much

This is done through the “Groups” tab in the web gui.

You can choose to allow or deny the ability to see any or all groups there.


Thank you very much for your help.

What I’d like to do is form a group that has enabled contact list group sharing, I’d like to avoid them to be visible from each other, I mean on the same group, not with a different group.

I don’t want to disable contact list group sharing for this group because I would like this users to populate the roster from another group.

Thank you very much.

It seems like group toster sharing does not fulfill your requirement. You might need to consider:

  1. Add them manually

  2. Create a server plugin to automate the scenario. Perform adding to each other or during new staff/support group member registration. Or doing a filtering of roster from server -> client app while login

  3. Create a client plugin to perform roster filtering for display.

Thank you.

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