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Hiding the IP Address

Hi everyone.

We are new to Spark and we love it already!

I do have another quick question. When folks are listed in the Offline Group it lists their login and the IP address, ie. bsmith@192.xxx.x.xx, however, when they are logged in it shows their name ie, “Bob”.

How can I set it so that the IP address does not show and it displays their first names instead of login names?

Thanks a bunch!


Hi Shooga,

are you using Wifi 2.5.1 and Spark 1.1.3 ?

I could image that you see the JID but not the client IP address, this information is as far as I know not stored in Wifi. Do the users have JID’'s which contain the server IP address instead the server name (smith@ instead of smith@jabber.org) ?

Or is this really the client IP?