Hiding users from other users

Hello everybody,

i’m running an openfire server in a private network. I use it to keep in touch with my customers. I configured the server, so it automatically puts all users in the group “customers”, and i’m in the group “administrator”. The group “administrator” is shared with all users, so they always have me in their contact list. Which works fine. I also configured it so that the group “customers” is shared with me, and i can see all Customers logged in at any time. No registration or authorisation needed. Everything works fine.

The Problem is: the customers can see the other customers. (of course, they are in the same group). I have blocked communication between them, but they can see the names of the other users, which is bad (privacy and stuff).

A simple solution would be to simply not put them in a group, BUT: i have to use Jitsi for communication(because of privacy, that is), and jitsi blocks all communication from users not on my contact list. So if a new customers would log in and text me, i wouldn’t get their messages until i notice and manually request authorisation. I am well aware that jitsi is the cause of trouble here. Sadly, i cannot change the way jitsi behaves and have no alternatives to using it.

So: is there a way to put users in a group, NOT share the contacts among the group, and STILL share the group with another user? I hope i made my question clear, english isn’t my native language. Thank you a lot for your help !

You said yo uahve blocked the communication between customers. With Packet Filter? You can also block presence exchange and probably other packets also (IQ, etc.), maybe this will stop them from showing up on each other rosters.