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Hosting Jive Messenger

I am looking for a good place where to host a Windows based installation. I have it working fine on my development server, but it is has limited bandwidth.



Hi Joao,

Does it have to be hosted on Windows? If not, you might want to check out url=http://www.contegix.comContegix[/url]. Contegix provides both Linux and OSX evironments and is the managed server provider for both jivesoftware.org and jivesoftware.com.

Hope that helps,


Hello Ryan,

Yes, it has to be on Windows. I have a MS SQL Server database and also an ASP 3.0 application that will be hosted together. Contegix sounds like an excellent place to be and i would be proud to use the same provider as Jivesoftware.* .thank you for your help.

I will still be waiting for other suggestions.




I’‘m fairly sure that Contegix has the ability to host Windows servers as well. You might consider contacting them to find out. Otherwise, I’'m not very familiar with Windows hosting options.



you may try contacting VPI.NET (http://www.vpi.net) here in California. I’'ve been working with them for a few years now and their service is excellent.

Thanks. I did contact them, they will send me a quote.

But I still need some more options to chose.

Please help!