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Hostname as resource in spark.jar default.properties


can i set in the default.properties a option that the hostname will be used for resource?



There is no such option. I have filed a ticket for this: https://igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/SPARK-1622

Might try to take a look at this later, but can’t promise anything.

I have added two options into default.properties:



if you set one as true, this value will be used and the user setting will be hidden (though even if visible, they would still couldn’t change it, but i decided to hide them anyway).

You can check this in the latest build (691): Ignite Realtime: Spark Nightly Builds

i just download the latest nightly build 691, but i cannot find the new added options in default.properties

It’s at the line 46-47 in Spark\lib\spark.jar\org\jivesoftware\resource\default.properties

it’s not there and the build number in default.properties BUILD_NUMBER = 686

could you please check!

I think you haven’t updated Spark normally. Build number should be 691. You can launch Spark, go to Help > About and see what build is shown there. Also, spark.jar should be with 2015.06.27 modification date. Try uninstalling and installing clean, though for me it works both when upgrading from older version and clean installing.

Another thing might be that you are downloading the older build (maybe your browser has cached the exe, thought its name is different). When you download it go to Properties and Details tab. It should show File Version.

yes it’s cahing issue, I can see the correct version after cleare the cach from our proxy server.

Thank you

after modifiying file default.properies, how will we zip the file ?

i have used 7zip and compressed file and give the same name spark.jar then created msi again, however after new gpo deploy spark shortcut has been added to the desktop but does not work when i double click.

Are you sure your file is not spark.zip.jar? Usually you don’t need to extract jar file into folder, you can edit default.properties directly in the archiver and when closing it asks whether you want to rezip it.

thanks for response.

I have edited with 7zip editor and saved back to the file. It was ok.

There is an important point, if you don’t open zip soft with administrator

rights, it does not allow to save back.

That’s right, if you are trying to edit spark.jar right in the Program files (on Windows Vista or newer). That’s UAC feature of Windows trying to protect your programs against viruses. I usually edit spark.jar outside the Program files and then copy the edited file back. Will add a note about it to the tutorial.

hi again,

is there any field on default.properties about opening spark on start up and start in system tray on client computers ?

There are no such settings in default.properties. Do you mean, you want your users to be not able to disable startup on system start?

As for start in system tray, this sounds more like a thing to add to default spark.properties file you could distribute for new users and not something to restrict. I just can’t view it so important to make Spark start in system tray and even not allow to change that (i could see a point in vice versa desire - so it would start on top of the windows).

No , i want spark to be opened at start up when pc starts.

i want to make that change then create new msi for new installations.

Spark still needs to be launched once to write that setting into the registry. You may want to export that registry and distribute it to new machines via logon script.