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How and where can you tell that Ldap is working with Wildfire?

Hi there,

How and where can you tell that Ldap is working with Wildfire?

Theres no mention of it in the logs area.

I can view ldap via the ldap browser but its not popuating in the admin console.

  1. When I do a search on the server area or in spark it doesnt search AD?

  2. Do I have to add users manually in Wildfire first before it retreives data from AD?

  3. Also under system properties in the console, > xmpp.domain > Is that my wildfire server address ? or my ldap server address?

Ive checked a few posts on the forums and everyone seems to have different opinions and Ive tried some and it didnt work for me.

Any help would be great.

Here’’ is my current config.


I hope that you did remove “<!” before and “>” after the LDAP section. If you change “ADserver” or “389” to something which is not an LDAP server then wildfire will complain in the logs during startup that it can not connect to LDAP.

@ 1. Wildfire searches in LDAP,

@ 2. so adding users to Wildfire makes no sense

@ 3. The xmpp.domain is the one of your jabber server and has nothing to do with LDAP.


ou=Users,ou=Active Accounts,dc=company,dc=com,dc=auCN=Sys Admin*,OU=Standard Service Accounts,OU=*Service Accounts,DC=company,DC=com,DC=au

Wildfire does not like spaces. If these are symbols of how you’‘re authenticating, create groups and accounts with and _ or a ‘’.’’

You could create a group for strictly IM users and add people to it then point the base DN to look there.

Once you get it authenticating to AD (LDAP) you will see everything, and users will be added in AD…


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Great. Thanks for your help.

At least I know Im not going insane.

However, if I did decide to rename the current OU “Active Accounts” to Active_accounts", would that break any of the other programs that rely on AD for authenication?

I dont want to have to change the whole infrastructure (eg. deployment etc…) to get WF to work.

Huh, interesting. Spaces in group names causing issues is not a known issue. Can anyone else confirm? If so, i’'ll file an issue and see if we can get a fix in place.



We identified this a while ago. somethign about the spaces and the %20% stuff. here’'s one example of spaces creating an issue, there are more from around the same time frame.



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Don’'t rename the group, create a new one, and assign your users into it. Windows is supposed to be ‘‘dynamic’’ but just like windows firewall, anti-virus, and security you gotta take that with a grain of salt. Create a group named IM or something, add you and a couple of folks into it, then change your baseDN to look at that group. if you can log in, then you know it works.


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one may track the progress of the issue here: JM-703


PS @ Allxis: Don’'t spend your points here when you mark this question as answered, Jeff did help you much more to solve the problem than this issue does.

Thanks everyone for their help.

I eventually got LDAP to work using Jeff’‘s method of creating a separate group and added other OU’'s to it. This will help us for the meantime.

Hopefully Javasoft can come up with a fix to use spaces too =)